Breaking Bad

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“I liked it. I was good at it and I was alive”. Walters last conversation with Skyler before he died. “Breaking Bad” was honestly, in my opinion, the greatest show made next to “The Walking Dead”. Every aspect of Breaking Bad was amazing like the camera angles, color and the story itself.

Bryan Cranston who plays Walter White is an amazing actor as well. The way he transforms as a character was pretty intense. Almost every episode was jaw dropping. Walter White always had a plan for every challenge he faced and the way he overcame them were pretty brilliant. Also watching Bryan Cranston from Malcom in the Middle and then watching him in breaking bad shows you how great of an actor he is.

The Final episode was the greatest of all time. Really shows what Walter White is capable of doing. The way he tricked Elliot and his wife with the laser beams making them thinks it’s a sniper. Going to Skyler for the last time and telling her what do with the police. Killing the female Co-worker with the ricin. Setting up the machine gun in the trunk of the car and killing the people in the building. Saving Jesse from getting killed by Todd and is uncles crew. Finally, Walter dying in the laboratory where he made his living off of, the Meth lab.

Breaking Bad was a legendry show and although he was fictional, R.I.P Walter White, you’ve inspired many.


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